About Us

ArtnPaintings.com is the great website for buying contemporary art. Art is for everyone and choice is one of our guiding principles. Our aim is that the customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for. There is no classification for art lover, they could be rich or penniless, it doesn’t matter. We know that the art lovers from ‘middle class’ and ‘lower middle class’ background are rarely able to purchase an artwork from gallery as the price is too high. We sympathetically decided to offer them a very fair price, it is affordable for everyone. Don’t need to be rich person to buy an artwork from ArtnPaintings.com. Price is affordable doesn’t mean it is poor in quality, because we offer cheap in price and expensive in quality art works only.

ArtnPaintings.com is a platform whose aim is to share the pleasure of these encounters and allow those who desire to purchase works from the artists we exhibit. You will find on ArtnPaintings.com a wide choice of original and unique work as well as limited editions: sculptures, paintings, drawings and handicraft.

Our selection is not limited to one particular style, school or trend but rather favours a whole diversity of approaches as long as they prove to be mature, technically controlled and both pleasing and challenging aesthetically. More information and more transparency for a better thought through purchase. This is how we intend to build the trust that will give you the desire to start, add to or complete your art collection through ArtnPaintings.com.